BROY, Anne (Visa # 1303 – age 14)
BROY, Beverly (Visa # 1306 – age 10)
BROY, James (Visa # 1305 – age 13)

The above visas were issued by Aristides de Sousa Mendes in Bordeaux on June 11, 1940.

Charles BROY was the US Consul stationed in Brussels, Belgium. He sent his children (Anne, Beverly & James BROY) first to Arcachon, France for their safety after the Germans bombed Belgium. In June 1940 he instructed them to go to Estoril, for which they needed the Portuguese transit visas provided by Sousa Mendes. The BROY children then flew to Madrid, where Charles picked them up, and they drove back through occupied France to Brussels. They remained in their apartment for a time, but then the Germans installed anti-aircraft guns on the roof and so they moved to the American Embassy residences, which happened to be next to the Luftwaffe offices. The father would play BBC radio very loud to annoy the German officers. They were fairly safe, as a diplomat family (the US had not yet entered the war). When relations between the US and Germany broke down, they returned to Portugal to sail back on the SS West Point. They lived in Arlington, Virginia, and the father was badly injured in an accident when a train hit a car he was traveling in. Charles BROY died in September 1943 as a result of complications from the accident.