GUILL, Anatole (Visa # 2478 – age 45)
GUILL, Dora née RAJCYN (Visa # 2481 – age 45)
GUILL, Vladimir (age 13)
RAJCYN, Augustine (Visa # 1836 – age 42)
RAJCYN, Désirée (age 10)
RAJCYN, Isidore (age 17)
RAJCYN, Saul (Visa # 1839 – age 49)

The above visas were issued by Aristides de Sousa Mendes in Bordeaux on June 17 and June 20, 1940.

The GUILL family crossed into Portugal and stayed in Curia. They subsequently sailed on the ship Nea Hellas from Lisbon to New York in August 1940.

Saul and Augustine RAJCYN and their two children were unable to cross the border and went into hiding in Vence, France. There the family was caught in 1944 and sent to Drancy, then deported to Auschwitz, where they were murdered.

Isidore RAJCYN in 1938

Isidore RAJCYN in 1938

Photo courtesy of the Felix Archives in Antwerp.