Humann Guilleminot

HUMANN GUILLEMINOT, Béatrice (age 9)
HUMANN GUILLEMINOT, Christian (age 11)
HUMANN GUILLEMINOT, Count Marie Joseph (Visa # 1671 – age 48)
HUMANN GUILLEMINOT, Countess Yvonne (Visa # 1996 – age 40)

The above visas were issued by Aristides de Sousa Mendes in Bordeaux on June 15 and 17, 1940.

The HUMANN GUILLEMINOT family crossed into Portugal. Countess HUMANN GUILLEMINOT traveled with her children on the Pan Am Atlantic Clipper seaplane from Lisbon to New York in October 1940. Count HUMANN GUILLEMINOT stayed another year and a half in Portugal and traveled on the vessel Carvalho Araujo from Lisbon to New York in March 1942.