RABINOWITZ, Harry (age 26)
RABINOWITZ, Renée (infant)
RABINOWITZ, Ruth née STAKGOLD (age 23)
STAKGOLD, Ivar (age 14)

This family received Portuguese transit visas signed by Vice Consul Emile Gissot in Toulouse, acting under the authority of Aristides de Sousa Mendes, on June 24 and July 19, 1940.

The family entered Spain on the pretense of traveling to Portugal, but with the intent of boarding a ship in Bilbao, Spain. Henri STAKGOLD, husband of Rose, was already in the United States. They sailed from Bilbao to New York on the vessel Magellanes in July 1940, and then on to the Dominican Republic, finally immigrating to the United States in 1941. The RABINOWITZ family name was changed to WENNERHOLM upon immigration.